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Genesis 37-50
A Handbook on the Hebrew Text

By David W. Baker With Jason A. Riley

Genesis 37-50
Paperback, 524 pages $49.95
Published: 15th August 2014
ISBN: 9781932792683
Format: 8in x 5.25in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Hebrew Bible, Hebrew Language Studies

This handbook in the Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series provides students of Hebrew with the translation of Genesis 37–50 paired with an exhaustive word by word morphological analysis of the text. Baker and Riley perform a syntactical investigation on one of the most commonly known biblical books. Genesis 37–50 enables a linguistic understanding of the Old Testament Hebrew text through solid contextual interpretation.   

“It is a gift to teachers and intermediate readers of biblical Hebrew to have an analysis of Genesis 37-50, one of the most fascinating sections of biblical narrative. Baker and Riley not only elucidate the text verse by verse, but they also provide a lucid and helpful introduction.”

—Christopher B. Hays, D. Wilson Moore Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

David W. Baker is Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Ashland Theological Seminary.

Jason A. Riley is a Ph.D. candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 524 pages
 8in x 5.25in

  REL006210, REL006410, REL006680
 Baylor University Press

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