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Faithful Economics
The Moral Worlds of a Neutral Science

Edited by James W. Henderson and John L. Pisciotta

Faithful Economics
Paperback, 175 pages $29.95
Published: 1st January 2004
ISBN: 9781932792225
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Ethics , All Religious Studies, Social & Economic Ethics

Economics is a value laden enterprise—and this despite the oft repeated claims of neutrality, objectivity, and the absence of bias. This volume explores the relationship between Christianity and economics, arguing that the two can and should be integrated. While no single Christian perspective drives the book, the authors do share in common a belief that scholarship shaped by Christian commitments is entirely appropriate and should be an integral part of the professional life of Christian economist. In particular, this volume demonstrates how Christianity shapes the worldview an economist brings to the task, the questions an economist asks, and the policies an economist advocates.


Introduction: The Christian Perspective and Economic Scholarship, James W. Henderson

1. Faith-Informed Scholarship, George M. Marsden

2. The Christian Economist as a Mainstream Scholar, Judith M. Dean

3. Market Behavior and Christian Behavior, Rebecca M. Blank

4. The Economics of Racial Equality and Justice, Glenn C. Loury

5. A Philosophy of Economics, Michael Novak

6. The Theology of Economics, Robert H. Nelson

7. The Economic Ethics of Jesus, David P. Gushee

Conclusion: Christianity and Economics: Connections and Continued Progress, John Pisciotta


List of Contributors

James W. Henderson is the Ben H. Williams Professor in Economics at Baylor University and is the author of Health Economics and Policy (2005), The Financial Analyst's Deskbook (1989), and Obtaining Venture Financing (1988).

John L. Pisciotta Associate Professor of Economics at Baylor University, a Senior Fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and the author of Teacher Attitudes In Texas Public and Private High Schools (2000).

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 175 pages
 9in x 6in

  BUS008000, BUS069000, REL012090
 Baylor University Press

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