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The Immortal Ten
The Definitive Account of the 1927 Tragedy and Its Legacy at Baylor University

By Todd Copeland

The Immortal Ten
Paperback, 112 pages $19.95
Published: 21st November 2001
ISBN: 9781932792904
Format: 8in x 5in


On the morning of January 22, 1927, Baylor University's basketball team set out by bus for Austin to play the University of Texas that night. The game, however, would never be contested. Ten of the twenty-two passengers died when a train hit the team's bus at a crossing in Round Rock--the worst such accident in Texas history at the time. The students who died soon became known as "The Immortal Ten," eulogized across the state and nation. This is their story.

List of Illustrations

1 Departing Baylor
2 The Best of Hopes
3 In the Company of Friends
4 On the Bus
5 The Collision
6 Among the Dead
7 Heartbreaking News
8 Days of Mourning
9 The Accident's Aftermath
10 An Undying Spirit

Appendix 1: A Tradition of Remembrance
Appendix 2: A Proper Memorial
Acknowledgments and Source Notes

"Todd Copeland has told the story of Baylor's Immortal Ten with a dignity of remembrance justly deserved by the young men who lost their lives. He has made each of the passengers of that ill-fated bus become personal acquaintances to the reader instead of distant shades of memory. The Baylor spirit that is personified in the story of the Immortal Ten has been indelibly enriched by Copeland's masterful treatment of the subject."

--Dr. Eugene Baker, Baylor University historian from 1981 to 1995 and author of To Light the Ways of Time


"Since that tragic January day in 1927, and for the several decades that followed, most Baylor people and many Texans vividly remembered the bus-train collision that resulted in the deaths of ten Baylor athletes and students. But details can elude us and memories grow dim with the passage of time. Now, based on some marvelous in-depth research, Todd Copeland has brought that day and those victims and survivors back to life. His dramatic account should be ‘must' reading for Baylor people everywhere, as well as for those for whom Southwest Conference history still commands a place close to their hearts."

--Dave Campbell, former Waco Tribune-Herald sports editor and founder of Texas Football magazine



Todd Copeland graduated from Baylor in 1990 and is director of communications and editor of the Baylor Line, a quarterly magazine published by the Baylor Alumni Association since 1946. He also holds degrees from The University of Georgia and Texas A&M University. He has edited and written for Baylor-related publications since 1992.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 112 pages
 8in x 5in

  SPO004000, SPO019000
 Big Bear Books

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