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Israel's God and Rebecca's Children
Christology and Community in Early Judaism and Christianity

Edited by David B. Capes, April D. DeConick, Helen K. Bond and Troy A. Miller

Israel's God and Rebecca's Children
Paperback, 510 pages $69.95
Published: 22nd October 2008
ISBN: 9781602581821
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Hebrew Bible

Israel's God and Rebecca's Children is a collection of essays written as a tribute to the lasting scholarship and friendship of Larry Hurtado (University of Edinburgh) and Alan Segal (Barnard College), two scholars who have contributed significantly to the contemporary understanding of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity. Their colleagues and friends examine a wide range of topics that have been the focus of Hurtado and Segal’s research, including Christology, community, Jewish-Christian relations, soteriology and the development of early Christianity. Together these essays reconceptualize Christology and community in Judaism and Christianity and provide valuable insights into the issues of community and identity.


Larry W. Hurtado

Alan F. Segal


1 How We Talk about Christology Matters

April D. DeConick

2 Mandatory Retirement: Ideas in the Study of Christian Origins Whose Time Has Come to Go

Paula Fredriksen

3 The “Most High” God and the Nature of Early Jewish Monotheism

Richard Bauckham

4 “How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God?”: A Reply

Adela Yarbro Collins

5 Resurrection and Christology: Are They Related?

Pheme Perkins

6 Are Early New Testament Manuscripts Truly Abundant?

Eldon Jay Epp


7 Prophetic Identity and Conflict in the Historic Ministry of Jesus

Maurice Casey

8 Pauline Exegesis and the Incarnate Christ

David B. Capes

9 Christophany as a Sign of “the End”

Carey C. Newman

10 When Did the Understanding of Jesus’ Death as an Atoning Sacrifice First Emerge?

James D. G. Dunn

11 Discarding the Seamless Robe: The High Priesthood of Jesus in John’s Gospel

Helen K. Bond

12 Remembering and Revelation: The Historic and Glorified Jesus in the Gospel of John

Larry W. Hurtado

13 Jesus: “The One Who Sees God”

Marianne Meye Thompson

14 The Lamb (Not the Man) on the Divine Throne

Charles A. Gieschen


15 The Promise of the Spirit of Life in the Book of Ezekiel

John R. Levison

16 Sadducees, Zadokites, and the Wisdom of Ben Sira

Jonathan Klawans

17 On the Changing Significance of the Sacred

Rachel Elior

18 Vespasian, Nerva, Jesus, and Fiscus Judaicus

Paul Foster

19 Paul’s Religious Experience in the Eyes of Jewish Scholars

Alan F. Segal

20 Liturgy and Communal Identity: Hellenistic Synagogal Prayer 5 and the Character of Early Syrian Christianity

Troy A. Miller

21 Anger, Reconciliation, and Friendship in Matthew 5:21-26

John T. Fitzgerald


List of Contributors

Methodologically sophisticated, engagingly written, and imaginatively provocative, this splendid volume advances the study of Early Judaism, Christian origins, and Jewish/Christian relations.

—Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt University Divinity School

"Christology is the theological centre of Christian faith. This volume addresses the main issues in this field through the words of internationally acknowledged leading scholars. It contains valuable information and insights and will give stimuli for further research and theological work."

—Martin Hengel, University of Tübingen

"This attractively bound volume is a fitting tribute to Hurtado and Segal, and we can hope that such spirited yet polite and even warm conversations can proliferate among scholars. Those interested in the contents of these essays will value these substantive contributions."

—James M. Hamilton Jr., Bulletin for Biblical Research

David B. Capes is Associate Dean of Biblical & Theological Studies and Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College.

April D. DeConick is the Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University (Houston, Texas).

Helen K. Bond studied at the Universities of St Andrews, Durham and Tübingen.

Troy A. Miller is Dean and Assistant Professor of Bible & Theology in the School of Bible & Theology at Crichton College (Memphis, TN).

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 510 pages
 9in x 6in

 Baylor University Press

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