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Associations in the Greco-Roman World
A Sourcebook

By Richard S. Ascough, Philip A. Harland and John S. Kloppenborg

Associations in the Greco-Roman World
Paperback, 436 pages $39.95
Published: 1st November 2012
ISBN: 9781602583740
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, All Religious Studies, Ancient History & Archaeology

Associations in the Greco-Roman World provides students and scholars with a clear and readable resource for greater understanding of the social, cultural, and religious life across the ancient Mediterranean. The authors provide new translations of inscriptions and papyri from hundreds of associations, alongside descriptions of more than two dozen archaeological remains of building sites. Complemented by a substantial annotated bibliography and accompanying images, this sourcebook fills many gaps and allows for future exploration in studies of the Greco-Roman religious world, particularly the nature of Judean and Christian groups at that time.

List of Illustrations

Epigraphic and Papyrological Abbreviations


Map of the Ancient Mediterranean with Regions



Southern and Central Greece



Lower Danube and Bosporan Kingdom

Asia Minor

Greek Islands of the Aegean

Greater Syria and the East



Italy and the Western Provinces


Southern and Central Greece


Asia Minor

Greek Islands of the Aegean



General References

Dealings with Civic or Imperial Authorities

Legal Documents in the Digest of Justinian (ca. 527-565 CE)

Annotated Bibliography

Concordance and Indices

"All engaged in research on the Greco-Roman world will find this collection valuable."

—Richard I. Pervo, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Review of Biblical Literature (05/2013)

"This collection is quite extensive and contains considerably more than most New Testament scholars are aware of. A very welcome resource from a powerhouse of research."

—Abraham Malherbe, Buckingham Professor Emeritus of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation, Yale Divinity School

"Indispensable. A splendid resource for students at several levels, not merely in religious studies, but for anyone exploring the society and culture of the Hellenistic and Roman worlds."

—Wayne A. Meeks, Woolsey Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Yale University

"This book...will quickly become the most authoritative source for Greco-Roman associations in the English-language."

—Brice C. Jones, Department of Religion, Concordia University

"This book provides an illuminating collection of a wide range of sources, bringing together, perhaps for the first time, epigraphic evidence about associations in the Greco-Roman world. I look forward to using it."

—Ilias Arnaoutoglou, Senior Researcher, Research Centre for the History of Greek Law, Academy of Athens

"This is a valuable sourcebook that makes available in English a representative and comprehensive collection of texts on the associations in the Greco-Roman world."

—Everett Ferguson, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Abilene Christian University

“This is a book that will open doors into further work and stimulate reflection and engagement with the social settings of earliest Christianity.”

—Steve Walton, St Mary's University, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Review of Biblical Literature

"...the volume is far more than merely informative, and it offers a rich and reliable basis for comparative work across disciplines."

—Michael W. Holmes, Bethel University, Religious Studies Review

Richard S. Ascough is Associate Professor and Director of the School of Religion, Queen's University, Kingston.

Philip A. Harland is Associate Professor of Religion and Ancient History at York University, Toronto.

John S. Kloppenborg is Professor and Chair, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto. He is a specialist in Christian origins and Second Temple Judaism, and the social world of the early Jesus movement in Jewish Palestine and in the cities of the eastern Empire. He has written extensively on the Synoptic Sayings Gospel (Q) and the Synoptic Problem.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 436 pages
 9in x 6in
32 b/w images

  REL033000, REL072000, REL114000
 Baylor University Press

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