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Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew

By Matthias Konradt Edited by Wayne Coppins and Simon Gathercole Translated by Kathleen Ess

Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew
Hardback, 500 pages $79.95
Published: 15th October 2014
ISBN: 9781481301893
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, All History, New Testament

Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew addresses one of the central theological problems of Matthew’s Gospel: what are the relationships between Israel and the Church and between the mission to Israel and the mission to the Gentiles? To answer these questions, Matthias Konradt traces the surprising transition from the Israel-centered words and deeds of Jesus (and his disciples) before Easter to the universal mission of Jesus’ earliest followers after his resurrection.

Through careful historical and narrative analysis, Konradt rejects the interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew that the Church replaced Israel in God’s purposes—that is, the interpretation that because Israel rejected Jesus as Israel’s Messiah, the Church replaced Israel in the role of God’s chosen people. Konradt instead discovers in Matthew that the Israel- and universally-centered dimensions of God’s saving purposes are far more positively connected. Matthew develops a narrative that features Jesus’ identity as both the messianic Son of David and the universal Son of God. What developed into a mainly Gentile Church should never think of itself as the "new" or "true” Israel; rather, according to Matthew’s Gospel, the Church represents an extension of the promises first made to Israel and now inclusive of the Gentiles. 


1. Introduction
2. The Focus on Israel in the Ministry of Jesus and His Disciples
3. Reactions to Jesus' Ministry in Israel
4. Consequences of Negative Reactions to Jesus' Ministry
5. Israel and the Gentiles
6. Israel and the Church
7. Considerations on the Situation of the Matthean Community
8. Summary

“Any theory is accountable to the text. This is the strength of Konradt’s work. His reading coheres with the structure of the Gospel of Matthew’s Christology, and he also provides careful exegesis of individual texts.”

—Benjamin I. Simpson, Bibliotheca Sacra

"Ably translated from the German original by Kathleen Ess, this work brings to an English-speaking audience an exceptionally thorough and cogent reading of Matthew’s theology...For those who want to discover in depth the theology of Matthew’s gospel as well as understand the profound relationship between Judaism and Christianity, this is a book to savor."

—The Bible Today

“A meticulous yet sweeping study of Matthew’s narrative…A very important book for Matthean scholars to engage.”

—Fred W. Burnett, Anderson University, in Religious Studies Review (34:4) for the German edition

"This is a major synthetic work on Matthean ecclesiology that captures a strong trend in current Matthean studies…Through his meticulously argued and heavily documented thesis, Konradt has presented a view of Matthew’s ecclesiology that is compelling and comprehensive.”

—Donald Senior, Catholic Theological Union, in Review of Biblical Literature (April 23, 2013) for the German edition

“A powerful synthesis of Matthean ecclesiology"

—Joshua W. Jipp, Bulletin for Biblical Research

Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew is one of the most important monographs on Matthew published in the last decade.”

—Joel Willitts, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

"This exemplary study of Matthew’s theology has significance not only for an accurate interpretation of this Gospel but also for opening new horizons for the contemporary Christian-Jewish dialogue."

—Donald Senior, Horizons

"Konradt’s detailed and updated study on a topical Matthew theme will be widely welcomed by those students and scholars who read only English."

—David C. Sim, Religious Studies Review

"A monumental synthetic study of ecclesiology in the Gospel of Matthew"

—Chance Bonar, Yale Divinity School, Neotestamentica

"Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew is full of original observations and fresh arguments. Konradt has built a new foundation for all future work on the crucial topic of Israel and the Church in Matthew's Gospel."

—Dale C. Allison, Jr., Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary

Matthias Konradt is Professor of New Testament at Ruprecht-Karls University, Heidelberg. 

Wayne Coppins is Associate Professor of Religion at The University of Georgia. 

Simon Gathercole is Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, and Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Kathleen Ess is a doctoral student in New Testament Studies at Ruprecht-Karls University, Heidelberg. 

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 500 pages
 9in x 6in

  REL006710, REL015000, REL108020
 Baylor University Press

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