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Compromising Scholarship
Religious and Political Bias in American Higher Education

By George Yancey

Compromising Scholarship
Paperback, 278 pages $29.95
Published: 15th May 2017
ISBN: 9781602584778
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Higher Education, All Sociology

Conservative and liberal commentators alike have long argued that social bias exists in American higher education. Yet those arguments have largely lacked much supporting evidence. In this first systematic attempt to substantiate social bias in higher education, George Yancey embarks on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the social biases and attitudes of faculties in American universities—surveying professors in disciplines from political science to experimental biology and then examining the blogs of 42 sociology professors. In so doing, Yancey finds that politically—and, even more so, religiously—conservative academics are at a distinct disadvantage in our institutions of learning, threatening the free exchange of ideas to which our institutions aspire and leaving many scientific inquiries unexplored.

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1 Introduction

2 Historical and Social Bias within Academia

3 With Whom Do Sociologists Want to Work?

4 Qualitative Explorations of Biases among Sociologists

5 Tolerance and Bias in Other Academic Disciplines

6 Social Bias and the Nature of Scientific Inquiry

7 What Can Be Done to Deal with Social Bias in Academia


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“Yancey issues a clarion call to those of us in higher education that we must do a better job practicing the political tolerance that we so vigorously preach.”

−Marie A. Eisenstein, author of Religion and the Politics of Tolerance: How Christianity Builds Democracy

"Groundbreaking. This research brilliantly unmasks the subtle social, philosophical, and ideological forces behind the exclusion of conservatives and their viewpoints from the academic enterprise."

—Louis Bolce, Associate Professor of Political Science at Baruch College, City University of New York

George Yancey is Professor of Sociology at the University of North Texas. His books include What Motivates Cultural Progressives?: Understanding Opposition to the Political and Christian Right.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 278 pages
 9in x 6in

  EDU015000, SOC026000
 Baylor University Press

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