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Other Nations
Animals in Modern Literature

Edited by Tom Regan and Andrew Linzey

Other Nations
Paperback, 240 pages $29.95
Published: 1st October 2010
ISBN: 9781602582378
Format: 9in x 6in


The world’s first anthology designed to employ the power of fiction to illuminate our moral relationship with animals, Other Nations boasts a superb collection of writings from writers of great distinction—including Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, and Alice Walker. By organizing the literary pieces according to the means by which human beings relate to the animals discussed—as companions, as sources of food, as objects of sport and entertainment, and as subjects in scientific research—preeminent scholars Tom Regan and Andrew Linzey enable readers to relate these texts (and these animals) to their own experiences and to the manifold issues now discussed in public forums. While the editors believe the time is ripe for radical change in the way human beings see and treat animals, this collection nonetheless presents various and contrary viewpoints, leaving readers to come to their own moral conclusions.

Preface by Andrew Linzey

Introduction by Tom Regan

I           Humans Encounter Other Animals

            “The Snake” by Stephen Crane

            “Snake” by William Saroyan

II         Other Animals Encounter Humans

            “Arabesque—The Mouse” by A. E. Coppard

            “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell

            “The Jack Rabbit Drive” by Robert McAlmon

III        Other Animals as Companions

            “Pilling the Cat” by Cleveland Amory

            “Lying Doggo” by Bobbie Ann Mason

“My Life as a West African Gray Parrot” by Leigh Buchanan Bienen

IV        Other Animals as Prey

            “The Pleasures of Hunting” by Ernest Hemingway

            “Sketches from a Hunter’s Album” by Ivan Turgenev

            “Hunting at Sea” by Laurens van der Post

            “The Gray Chieftain” by Charles A. Eastman

V         Other Animals as Tools

            “The Dead Body and the Living Brain” by Oriana Fallaci

            “Doctor Rat” by William Kotzwinkle

            “Terminal Procedure” by Margaret Pabst Battin

VI        Other Animals as Food

            “The Slaughterer” by Isaac Bashevis Singer

            “It Was a Different Day When They Killed the Pig” by João Ubaldo Ribeiro

            “How to Make a Pigeon Cry” by M. F. K. Fisher

            “Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers” by Lois-Ann Yamanaka

            “Am I Blue?” by Alice Walker

VII      Epilogue

            “The Limits of Trooghaft” by Desmond Stewart

"Two pioneers in animal studies—one a major philosopher, the other a groundbreaking Christian theologian—collect in this book a series of literary creations that open door after door to the-more-than-human world. By revealing our astonishingly rich connections with other-than-human animals, this collection demonstrates how the rich universe of literature provides key learning opportunities about animals and our connections to them. It is thus an essential companion to other explorations of animals done through science, religion, law, ethics and studies of other cultures."

—Paul Waldau of the Religion and Animals Institute has served regularly since 2002 as the Bob Barker Lecturer on Animal Law at Harvard Law School and was the Director of Tufts University's Center for Animals and Public Policy from 2004 through 2008.

“A thought-provoking and timely collection that offers a unique entrée into the animal rights debate—one of the most important ethical issues of our day. Linzey and Regan have produced a page-turner that is sure to become popular bedside reading as well as a much-needed text for university and high school literature classes. What could be a more natural context in which to study the relationships between humans and animals than that of good literature?"

—Patricia McEachern, Ph.D., Director, Drury University Forum on Animal Rights, and Dorothy Jo Barker Endowed Professor of Animal Rights

“Carefully selected pieces of literature from a wide range of authors offer both an introduction to and a grounding for further work in the area of animals and literature. A beautifully constructed, timely collection.” 

—Laura Hobgood-Oster, author of
The Friends We Keep: Unleashing Christianity’s Compassion for Animals and Holy Dogs and Asses: Animals in the Christian Tradition

“Two of the world's most important scholars of the human-animal relationship have crafted an original and compelling anthology. It will be of great value to students, teachers, and anyone else who wants to think more clearly, feel more deeply and--hopefully--act with more moral integrity.”

—Roger S. Gottlieb, author 
Engaging Voices: Tales of Morality and Meaning in an Age of Global Warming and A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism and our Planet's Future

Tom Regan is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at North Carolina State University. Among his major contributions are The Case for Animal Rights; The Struggle for Animal Rights; Defending Animal Rights; Animal Rights, Human Wrongs: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy; and, his newest book, Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Andrew Linzey is Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a member of the Faculty of Theology at at Oxford University. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books, including Animal Rights: A Christian AssessmentChristianity and the Rights of Animals; and Why Animal Suffering Matters: Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 240 pages
 9in x 6in

  FIC003000, NAT039000
 Baylor University Press

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