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Genesis 1-11
A Handbook on the Hebrew Text

By Barry Bandstra

Genesis 1-11
Paperback, 600 pages $39.95
Published: 1st April 2008
ISBN: 9781932792706
Format: 7.25in x 5.5in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Hebrew Bible, Hebrew Language Studies

This second volume in the Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series provides expert, comprehensive guidance in answering significant questions about the Hebrew text. While reflecting the latest advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the work utilizes a style that is lucid enough to serve as a useful agent for teaching and self-study.

Finally - a guide that introduces the principles of functional linguistics not in theory but in practice! Clear definitions and analytical instruments enable students of the Hebrew bible to understand the construction of every clause, the cohesion in every textual unit, their interactive processes and communicative functions. The instructive and step-by-step analyses are simple and insightful, especially when some interpretative or evaluative elements are added. Thus guided by a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher, one feels challenged to employ these tools oneself.

—Ellen van Wolde, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Barry Bandstra (Ph.D. Yale) is Professor of Religion at Hope College.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 600 pages
 7.25in x 5.5in

  REL006000, REL006210
 Baylor University Press

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