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Religion and Foreign Affairs
Essential Readings

Edited by Dennis R. Hoover and Douglas M. Johnston

Religion and Foreign Affairs
Paperback, 635 pages $59.95
Published: 1st January 2012
ISBN: 9781602582422
Format: 10in x 7in

Subjects: All Political Science, Faith & Foreign Affairs, Religion & Politics

The role of religion in foreign policy debates, while never absent, has often been sidelined by popular prejudices and secular demands. The global resurgence of religion and the threat of religiously-motivated terrorism have prompted new recognition of the need for careful analysis and candid dialogue about the role of religion in public life worldwide. In recent years, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers have consistently reflected upon the role of religion in foreign policy, resulting in a vast, rich array of resources important for moving forward in an increasingly pluralistic world.

Dennis Hoover and Douglas Johnston here present the writings of leading scholars, revealing distinctive approaches to religion and global politics. Religion and Foreign Affairs offers readers a broad selection of essays, ranging across cultures and worldviews. From the ethics of force and peacemaking to globalization and American foreign policy, this compendium provides a solid introduction to the field of religion and foreign affairs that will stimulate discussion and encourage intelligent practice.



1. Religion and the Global Agenda: From the Margins to the Mainstream?
Dennis R. Hoover and Douglas M. Johnston

SECTION I: Secularization, Desecularization, and the Disciplines of International Affairs

2. The Meaning of Secularism
Charles Taylor
3. The Desecularization of the World: A Global Overview
Peter L. Berger
4. The Challenge of September 11 to Secularism in International Relations
Daniel Philpott
5. Rethinking the Role of Religion in Changing Public Spheres: Some Comparative Perspectives
Rosalind I. J. Hackett  
6. Kicking the Secularist Habit: A Six-Step Program
David Brooks  

SECTION II: Theoretical Foundations from Antiquity  

7. "Melian Dialogue": History of the Peloponnesian War
8. The Return of Ancient Times: Why the Warrior Politics of the Twenty-First Century Will Demand a Pagan Ethos
Robert D. Kaplan  
9. Unrealistic Realism: A Reflection on Robert D. Kaplan's "Warrior Politics"
Dennis R. Hoover  
10. Excerpts from Book 19: City of God
Augustine  11. Augustine's Political Realism
Reinhold Niebuhr  
12. "Really Existing" Scriptures: On the Use of Sacred Text in International Affairs
John A. Rees  
13. Isaiah's Vision of Human Security: Virtue-Ethics and International Politics
Scott M. Thomas

SECTION III: Ethics of Force  

14. Of War (Four Articles): Summa Theologica
Thomas Aquinas  
15. Just War Tradition: Is It Credible?
John Howard Yoder  
16. Moral Clarity in a Time of War
George Weigel  
17. War and Statecraft: An Exchange
Rowan Williams and George Weigel  
18. Torture: A Just War Perspective
James Turner Johnson  
19. The New Jihad and Islamic Tradition
John Kelsay  

SECTION IV: Religion and Conflict  

20. Terror Mandated by God
Mark Juergensmeyer  
21. The Clash of Civilizations?
Samuel P. Huntington  
22. Challenging Huntington
Richard E. Rubenstein and Jarle Crocker  
23. Memo to the State: Religion and Security
Chris Seiple  
24. The Politics of Persecuted Religious Minorities
Philip Jenkins  
25. Religious Freedom: Good for What Ails Us?
Brian J. Grim
26. How Shall We Study Religion and Conflict?: Challenges and Opportunities in the Early Twenty-First Century
John D. Carlson and Matt Correa  

SECTION V: Religion and Peacemaking  

27. Religion and Global Affairs: Religious "Militants for Peace"
R. Scott Appleby  
28. Faith-Based Diplomacy: An Ancient Idea Newly Emergent
Brian Cox and Daniel Philpott  
29. Military Chaplains: Bridging Church and State
Douglas M. Johnston  
30. Religion as Destroyer and Creator of Peace: A Postmortem on Failed Peace Processes
Marc Gopin  
31. Catholic Peacemaking, 1991-2005: The Legacy of Pope John Paul II
Drew Christiansen  
32. The Potential for Peacebuilding in Islam: Toward an Islamic Concept of Peace Hisham Soliman  

SECTION VI: Religion, Globalization, and Transnationalism  

33. Jihad vs. McWorld
Benjamin Barber  
34. Religion and Globalization
James Kurth  
35. Transnational Religious Actors and International Politics
Jeffrey Haynes  
36. Transnational Religious Connections
Robert Wuthnow and Stephen Offutt  
37. European Politics Gets Old-Time Religion
Timothy A. Byrnes  

SECTION VII: Religion and Economic Development

 38. Max Weber Is Alive and Well, and Living in Guatemala: The Protestant Ethic Today
Peter L. Berger  
39. Inspiring Development in Fragile States
Seth Kaplan  
40. New House Rules: Christianity, Economics, and Planetary Living
Sallie McFague  
41. Islam, Globalization, and Economic Performance in the Middle East
Marcus Noland and Howard Pack
42. Development, Religion, and Women's Roles in Contemporary Societies
Katherine Marshall  

SECTION VIII: Religion, Democracy, and the State  

43. Separation of Religion and State in the Twenty-First Century: Comparing the Middle East and Western Democracies
Jonathan Fox and Shmuel Sandler  
44. Rethinking Religious Establishment and Liberal Democracy: Lessons from Israel
Steven V. Mazie  
45. Christianity and Democracy: The Pioneering Protestants
Robert D. Woodberry and Timothy S. Shah  
46. The Rise of "Muslim Democracy"
Vali Nasr  
47. Public Theology and Democracy's Future
Max L. Stackhouse  
48. Public Religion, Democracy Promotion, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Thomas F. Farr  

SECTION IX: Religious Freedom and Human Rights  

49. Debating International Human Rights: The "Middle Ground" for Religious Participants
Paul A. Brink  
50. Religious Liberty and Human Dignity: A Tale of Two Declarations
Kevin J. Hasson  
51. Roman Catholicism and the Faith-Based Movement for Global Human Rights
Allen D. Hertzke
52. Patterns and Contexts of Religious Freedom and Persecution
Paul Marshall  
53. Does the Human Right to Freedom of Conscience, Religion, and Belief Have Special Status?
David Little  
54. Balancing Religious Freedom and Cultural Preservation
José Casanova  
55. Soul Wars: New Battles, New Norms
John Witte, Jr.  

SECTION X: Religion and the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy  

56. Religion and International Affairs
Barry Rubin  
57. Faith and Diplomacy
Madeleine Albright  
58. Religion and American Foreign Policy
Jack Miles  
59. Methodology, Metrics, and Moral Imperatives in Religious Freedom Diplomacy
Robert A. Seiple  

List of Credits

"An impressive, timely compilation of some of the best writings on religion and foreign affairs. Hoover and Johnston provide a critical overview and a helpful division of the articles into key issues areas, including secularization, democracy, conflict, development, human rights, globalization and peacemaking. Students and teachers of religion and global politics will find the volume immensely valuable as a unified source for grappling with the complexities of this topic."

—Monica Duffy Toft, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Director, Initiative on Religion in International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Given the tectonic movements of the 21st century, scholars of international relations, and their students, have long needed a solid collection of historic writing on the role of religion in foreign affairs. They have what they need in Hoover and Johnston's fine compilation."

—Andrew Natsios, Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy, Georgetown University

Dennis R. Hoover is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Institute for Global Engagement. He also serves as executive director of the Center on Faith & International Affairs and is the editor of the Center's journal, The Review of Faith & International Affairs.

Douglas M. Johnston is the president and founder of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy and the author of Religion, Terror, and Error: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Challenge of Spiritual Engagement.

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 Paperback , 635 pages
 10in x 7in

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 Baylor University Press

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