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Romancing the Difference
Kenneth Burke, Bob Jones University, and the Rhetoric of Religious Fundamentalism

By Camille K. Lewis

Romancing the Difference
Hardback, 205 pages $44.95
Published: 1st November 2007
ISBN: 9781602580039

Subjects: All Religious Studies, All Rhetoric Studies, Preaching, Rhetoric & Religion

Romancing the Difference examines the rhetoric of fundamentalism as seen through the lens of Bob Jones University. Highlighting the romantic language used by religious separatists, Lewis argues that fundamentalism is not the angry cry of an outsider, nor is it the mocking of secular culture. Instead, it is an attempt to embody and articulate things that are lovely in order to woo others to an entirely different kind of life.

Table of Contents

1 Imagining Tragedy, Comedy, and Romance

2 Cenotaphs and Photographs

3 The Romantic Pied Piper

4 Homeopathy, Allopathy, and Sympathy

5 Unfit Fitness

6 Growing Grace or Killing Self

7 Conclusion

"Lewis offers a major contribution to the problem of insider-outsider discourses in contemporary public rhetoric. This book goes a long way toward opening new channels to a broader conception of inclusive communication."

--Jimmie Killingsworth, Professor of English and Director of Writing Programs, Texas A&M University

"Kenneth Burke warned critics not to summarily dismiss widely-disdained discourses, but to analyze them, investigate their workings, and attempt to understand them. Camille Lewis heeds this advice in considering the discourse of Bob Jones University in Romancing the Difference, deftly deploying Burke's critical arsenal, and adding a fecund conception of 'romance' to carve a middle way between Burke's tragic and comic frames. Scholars of Burke, of rhetoric, and of religious discourse have much to learn from this provocative work."

—Clarke Rountree, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Arts, University of Alabama in Huntsville

"[Romancing the Difference] is smart, direct, and brimming with lucid prose scholars should envy. Moreover, Lewis is a careful reader of Burke and she succeeds in her attempt to expand Burkean theory to account for discursive engagement that supplements his interpretative frames of comedy and tragedy with a third frame, that of romance."

Enculturation (2011)

Camille K. Lewis (Ph.D. Indiana) is Chair of the Department of Rhetoric and Public Address at Bob Jones University.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 205 pages

  LAN015000, REL080000
 Baylor University Press

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