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Faith, Hope, and Love
The Ecumenical Trio of Virtues

By Geoffrey Wainwright

Faith, Hope, and Love
Paperback, 72 pages $19.95
Published: 15th July 2014
ISBN: 9781481300858
Format: 7in x 5in

Subjects: All Ethics , New Testament

Faith, hope, and love: these words recall one of the most familiar passages in the entirety of the Christian Scriptures and represent three uniquely Christian virtues given by God to the Church. Geoffrey Wainwright explores the contemporary ecumenical potential of these historic Christian virtues. Faith, hope, and love are given to each Christian and are intended to be incorporated in the nature and life of every gathered Christian body. 

Wainwright pairs each virtue with a practice instituted by Christ himself. Holy baptism teaches faith as an enacted confession. The Lord’s Prayer invites petition as an address of hope. The Lord’s Supper offers bread and wine as an embodiment of love. These historic practices orient all Christians backward in faith to the formative events of the cross and resurrection, forward in hope of the final consummation, and toward all others gathered around the shared meal. Wainwright insists that faith, hope, and love pave a path to unity for a historically divided Church.



Lecture One:  Faith and Holy Baptism

Lecture Two:  Hope and the Lord’s Prayer

Lecture Three:  Love and the Lord’s Supper

“…Readers will find affirmation from Wainwright’s illuminating presentation and admonition from the careful way he presses the right questions with freshness, passion, and purpose."

—David Batchelder, Worship

"Wainwright's volume is an essential read for all those committed to the unity of the body of Christ."

—Neal D. Presa, The Ecumenical Review

"This is liturgical theology at its best, showing how for faith, ethics, and eschatology, classic Christian worship remains essential."

—Maxwell E. Johnson, Professor of Liturgical Studies, University of Notre Dame  

"Geoffrey Wainwright is a master of bringing together complex elements into a new combination that reveals fresh theological and ecumenical insights. In the modest span of these lectures, he touches on a wide range of topics with his characteristic learning and wisdom. They show again that ecumenical theology still has much to teach us about the faith we share."

—Michael Root, Ordinary Professor of Systematic Theology, The Catholic University of America  

"In the midst of what some are calling an 'ecumenical winter,' Faith, Hope, and Love is like a burst of new life indicating there is indeed a new ecumenical spring breaking out all around us. Professor Wainwright shows us how to put into practice the words he quotes from John Wesley: 'If we cannot as yet think alike in all things, at least we may love alike.'"

—Dale T. Irvin, President and Professor of World Christianity, New York Theological Seminary  

Geoffrey Wainwright is Cushman Professor emeritus of Christian Theology at Duke University. 

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 72 pages
 7in x 5in

  REL006720, REL012000
 Baylor University Press

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