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From Jesus to the New Testament
Early Christian Theology and the Origin of the New Testament Canon

By Jens Schröter Edited by Wayne Coppins and Simon Gathercole Translated by Wayne Coppins

From Jesus to the New Testament
Hardback, 431 pages $59.95
Published: 1st September 2013
ISBN: 9781602588226
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, All Theology, New Testament

As the inaugural volume in the Baylor-Mohr Siebeck Studies in Early Christianity series, Jens Schröter’s celebrated From Jesus to the New Testament is now available for the first time in English. Schröter provides a rich narrative to Christian history by looking back upon the theological forces that created the New Testament canon. Through his textual, historical, and hermeneutical examination of early Christianity, Schröter reveals how various writings that form the New Testament’s building blocks are all held together. Jesus not only bound the New Testament, but launched a theological project that resulted in the canon. Schröter’s study will undoubtedly spark new discussion about the formation of the canon. 

Editors’ Introduction

Preface to the English Edition

Preface to the German Edition


Part I: Recollection and History in Early Christianity

1 New Testament Science beyond Historicism

2 Reflections on the Relationship between Historiography and Hermeneutics in New Testament Science

3 Construction of History and the Beginnings of Christianity

4 History in Light of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Part II: Jesus—Paul—Luke

5 Beginnings of the Jesus Tradition

6 On the Historicity of the Gospels

7 The Unity of the Gospel

8 The Universalizing of the Law in Galatians

9 Metaphorical Christology in Paul

10 Luke as Historiographer

11 Salvation for the Gentiles and Israel

Part III: On the Way to the New Testament

12 Jesus and the Canon

13 The Acts of the Apostles and the Emergence of the New Testament Canon

14 “The Church Has Four Gospels, the Heresy Many”

Part IV: What Is "Theology of the New Testament"?

15 Particularity and Inclusivity in Early Christianity

16 The Meaning of the Canon for a Theology of the New Testament


Index of Ancient Sources

Index of Modern Authors

Subject Index

From Jesus to the New Testament is one of the most significant books on canonical issues to emerge in recent years. While somewhat more inclusive and erudite than other studies (especially Part i), Schröter presents a readable work that is both intellectually stimulating and understandable.”

—Arthur G. Patzia, Fuller Theological Seminary, Journal of Reformed Theology

“Schröter does what very few New Testament scholars—whether English- or German-speaking—manage: to ground his historical analysis explicitly in a nuanced and sophisticated theoretical discussion of what it means to do history. Schröter’s book serves as a superb introduction to and analysis of German New Testament scholarship.”

—Adele Reinhartz, Full Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa

“Jens Schröter’s collection of essays seeks to penetrate deeply below the surface of the New Testament and its history and historical figures, and to bring into a meaningful perspective the theology and history that gave rise to the faith of the earliest Christians. Many think a New Testament canon is a snapshot of what went on, but Schröter shows that the canon itself can only be understood in light of a long history of developments in different directions."

—Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

"Schröter’s study will undoubtedly spark new discussion about the formation of the canon."

Theological Book Review

“This is an interesting collection of essays, which raises some fundamental historical, theological, and canonical issues.”

—Paul Foster, University of Edinburgh, The Expository Times (125:10)

"From Jesus to the New Testament is a stimulating monograph for multiple reasons, and should, I expect, elicit excitement for more volumes from the joint venture of Baylor and Mohr-Siebeck. The translation by Wayne Coppins is clear and readable, and he should be thanked for his work in making Schröter's work accessible."

—Joshua W. Jipp, Bulletin for Biblical Research

“Every chapter in this collection has rich insights for students of the NT and early Christianity. Its methodological sophistication makes it a must read."

—Pheme Perkins, Boston College, Theological Studies (75:3)

"...a valuable resource in NT studies."

—Darian Lockett, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Jens Schröter is Professor for Exegesis and Theology of the New Testament at the Faculty of Theology at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. 

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 431 pages
 9in x 6in

  REL006100, REL006220, REL067080
 Baylor University Press

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