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Asian American Christian Ethics
Voices, Methods, Issues

Edited by Grace Y. Kao and Ilsup Ahn

Asian American Christian Ethics
Paperback, 343 pages $44.95
Published: 15th September 2015
ISBN: 9781481301756
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Ethics , All Theology, World Religions

This groundbreaking volume presents the collective work of twelve Christian ethicists of Asian descent in the U.S. who map the new and burgeoning field of study located at the juncture of Christian ethics and Asian American studies. Led by Grace Kao and Ilsup Ahn, these scholars identify the purposes and chart the contours of what constitutes a distinctly Asian American Christian ethical approach to moral concerns.

Asian American Christian Ethics rethinks perennial issues in Christian ethics (war and peace, family/marriage/parenting, gender and sexuality, economics and wealth, virtue ethics), pressing social matters (race relations, immigration, healthcare, the environment), and issues of special interest to Asian Americans (education, labor, plastic surgery). Each chapter utilizes classical Christian sources read from the particular vantage point of Asian American Christian theology, ethics, and culture. Beginning with a description of the range of Christian responses to the issue, each author describes and enacts a constructive proposal for an Asian American Christian ethical response. An ideal volume for researchers, teachers, and students alike, Asian American Christian Ethics articulates the foundations, questions, and goals of this vibrant and flourishing field of study.


1. Introduction: What Is Asian American Christian Ethics?

2. Gender and Sexuality

3. Marriage, Family, and Parenting

4. Virtue Ethics

5. Peace and War

6. Wealth and Prosperity

7. Racial Identity and Solidarity

8. Health Care

9. Immigration

10. The Environment

11. Education and Labor

12. Cosmetic Surgery

13. Conclusion: The Future of Asian American Christian Ethics

“I highly recommend this text for scholars to engage new horizons of Christian ethics and to use for a wide variety of upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in Christian ethics as well as constructive and pastoral theology.”

—Alex Mikulich, Journal for the Society of Christian Ethics

“This significant work is sure to transform the field of Christian ethics. Asian American Christian Ethics challenges us to think theologically, to think ethically, and to delve into the very conditions of our existence with one another in order to understand the past, present, and future that is still to come. This volume is a must for students and scholars who want to know what happens when Christian ethics and Asian American critique intersect!”

—Wonhee Anne Joh, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

"Most theological publications dealing with race and ethnicity divide between black and white or between American and non-American, in the process leaving out Asian American voices. This landmark volume seeks to remedy the situation."

Christian Century

“Several years in the making through a Working Group of the Society of Christian ethics, this rich and innovative volume is the first major scholarly contribution to the emerging field of Asian American Christian ethics. Grace Y. Kao and Ilsup Ahn’s work helps define a field of thought and will be the benchmark for future contributions to Asian American Christian ethics. I highly recommend this volume for anyone interested in cutting-edge work in ethics.”

—William Schweiker, The University of Chicago, President of the Society of Christian Ethics (2015-2016)

“This book has deeply informed and challenged my thinking. Kao and Ahn invite us on a crucial exploration of the development and application of a new subfield called Asian American Christian ethics. No one who claims to be interested in the field of ethics can ever consider themselves fully informed if they fail to interact with this first, and hopefully not last, major contribution to the academic discourse from the Asian American experience relegated to the margins.”

—Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre, Professor of Social Ethics and Latino/a Studies, Iliff School of Theology

Grace Y. Kao is Associate Professor of Ethics at Claremont School of Theology; Co-Director of the Center for Sexuality, Gender, and Religion at Claremont School of Theology; and Affiliated Faculty at Claremont Graduate University.

Ilsup Ahn is Carl I. Lindberg Professor of Philosophy at North Park University and Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow.

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 Paperback , 343 pages
 9in x 6in
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 Baylor University Press

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