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The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Volume 3, The Scrolls and Christian Origins

Edited by James H. Charlesworth

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Hardback, 525 pages $99.95
Published: 30th August 2006
ISBN: 9781932792218
Format: 9in x 6in

Paperback, 734 pages $79.95
Published: 1st March 2006
ISBN: 9781932792775
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Extracanonical Literature

The recovery of 800 documents in the eleven caves on the northwest shores of the Dead Sea is one of the most sensational archeological discoveries in the Holy Land to date. These three volumes, the very best of critical scholarship, demonstrate in detail how the scrolls have revolutionized our knowledge of the text of the Bible, the character of Second Temple Judaism, and the Jewish beginnings of Christianity.

Chapter 1 John the Baptizer and the Dead Sea Scrolls, James H. Charlesworth

Chapter 2 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Historical Jesus, Richard A. Horsley

Chapter 3 The Future of a Religious Past:

Qumran and the Palestinian Jesus Movement, Donald H. Juel

Chapter 4 The Synoptic Gospels and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Craig A. Evans

Chapter 5 A Study in Shared Symbolism and Language: The Qumran Community and the Johannine Community, James H. Charlesworth

Chapter 6 The Impact of Selected Qumran Texts

on the Understanding of Pauline Theology, Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn

Chapter 7 Qumran’s Some Works of Torah

(4Q394–399 [4QMMT]) and Paul’s Galatians, James D. G. Dunn and James H. Charlesworth

Chapter 8 How the Scrolls Impacted Scholarship on Hebrews, Harold W. Attridge

Chapter 9 The Dream of a New Jerusalem at Qumran, Adela Yarbro Collins

Chapter 10 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Apocalypse of John, Loren L. Johns

Chapter 11 About the Differing Approach to a

Theological Heritage: Comments on

the Relationship Between the Gospel of John,

the Gospel of Thomas, and Qumran, Enno E. Popkes

Chapter 12 Economic Justice and Nonretaliation in the

Dead Sea Scrolls: Implications for

New Testament Interpretation, Gordon M. Zerbe

Chapter 13 Atonement: Qumran and the New Testament, Paul Garnet

Chapter 14 “The Coming of the Righteous One”

in 1 Enoch, Qumran, and the New Testament, Gerbern S. Oegema

Chapter 15 Qumran and Supersessionism—

and the Road Not Taken, Krister Stendahl

Chapter 16 The Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls on

New Testament Interpretation:

Proposals, Problems, and Further Perspectives, Jörg Frey

The three-volume edition Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls will become a milestone for Old and New Testament research. The authors are leading scholars in this field and no other publication has collected so many interesting contributions about the largest finding of biblical and Jewish texts in the last century.

—Martin Hengel, University of Tubingen

These three volumes containing fresh and updated research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, the Qumran community, and early Christianity, written by renown scholars from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Israel, and edited by one of the world’s leading scholars, promise to be a major and definitive contribution to scholarship.

—Adolfo Roitman, Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of the Book, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

James H. Charlesworth has assembled a stellar gathering of Dead Sea Scrolls scholars in these rich volumes. They will make a lasting and profoundly significant contribution to the understanding of the greatest archeological find of modern times and the light it throws on the Bible.

—Michael E. Stone, Gail Levin de Nur Professor of Comparative Religion, Professor of Armenian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

J.H. Charlesworth is the George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature and Editor and Director of the Princeton Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project.

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls - Volume 3, The Scrolls and Christian Origins - Hardback cover

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 525 pages
 9in x 6in

 Paperback , 734 pages
 9in x 6in

 Baylor University Press

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