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The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation
The Center of Paul's Method of Scriptural Interpretation

By Matthew W. Bates

The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation
Hardback, 400 pages $69.95
Published: 1st November 2012
ISBN: 9781602583283
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics & Exegesis, New Testament

Against the prevailing models for understanding the Apostle Paul's interpretation and use of scripture, Matthew Bates proposes a fresh approach toward developing a Pauline hermeneutic. He combines historical criticism with an intertextual strategy that takes seriously the work of the early church fathers, and in so doing fills a void in current scholarship. Bates applies his method to both oft-referenced and underutilized passages in the writings of Paul and suggests a new model for Pauline hermeneutics that is centered on the apostolic proclamation of Christ.


1. Toward the Center of Pauline Hermeneutics
2. Paul and the Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Kerygma
3. Figuration and the Divine Economy
4. Introducing Prosopological Exegesis
5. Prosopological exegesis in Paul's Letters
6. The Implications of Kerygmatic Hermeneutics

Index of Biblical References

"Bates offers the novel thesis that Paul, like other ancient writers, had a prosopological method of exegesis—attributing various voices in the scriptural texts to specific characters, especially Christ or God the Father—that was rooted in a master narrative about Christ and the gospel. Both appreciative of and critical of previous studies of Paul's hermeneutics, The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation has significant implications not only for understanding Paul, but also for ecumenical relations, Christian theology, and contemporary hermeneutics."

—Michael J. Gorman, Dean, Ecumenical Institute of Theology, St. Mary's Seminary & University

"Bates's study is notable for its erudition, ranging widely, with an admirable degree of competency, across the fields of New Testament Studies, classics, patristics, linguistics, and literary criticism."

—Matthew V. Novenson, University of Edinburgh, Expository Times (125:3)

"There is no doubt that Bates offers students of Paul’s scriptural interpretation a major, programmatic investigation...it demands serious consideration by anyone investigating biblical exegesis in early Christianity."

—Robert B. Foster, Madonna University, Review of Biblical Literature (8/23/2014)

"[The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation] is written at a scholarly level and should be considered by all engaged in a serious study of Pauline hermeneutics.”

—James M. Howard, American Pathways University, Bulletin for Biblical Research (23:3)

"Bates has made a valuable contribution to a topic within NT scholarship that many, I would presume, feel is currently overworked. Bates is well-versed in ancient Hellenistic rhetorical conventions and early Christian exegesis, and this enables him to situate Paul’s scriptural interpretation in its historical and theological context."

—Joshua W. Jipp, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Themelios (39)

“Bates combines careful exegesis, theological acumen, Christian spirituality, and academic rigor—a rare sight in biblical studies. He also provides fresh insights into Paul’s hermeneutical strategy.”

—Matthew Y. Emerson, Biblical Theology Bulletin (44:4), California Baptist University

Matthew W. Bates is Assistant Professor of Theology at Quincy University. He lives in Quincy, Illinois.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 400 pages
 9in x 6in

  REL006400, REL006630, REL006720, REL070000
 Baylor University Press

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