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When They Were Mine
Memories of a Branch Davidian Wife and Mother

By Sheila Martin Edited by Catherine Wessinger

When They Were Mine
Paperback, 235 pages $29.95
Published: 28th February 2009
ISBN: 9781602580008
Format: 8in x 5in

Subjects: All Texas/Regional

When They Were Mine is the autobiography of Sheila Martin, a member of the Branch Davidian Church at the time of its apocalyptic encounter with the FBI in April, 1993. The assault resulted in a fire that killed 76 Branch Davidians, including 23 children. Sheila’s husband and four oldest children died in the fire. Martin told the story of her life, both before and after the attack, to Catherine Wessinger, who then wrote this first-person narrative from the recordings of their sessions together. The result is a haunting account of one life, typical in its ups and downs, made atypical by a collision of faith with history.

Foreword by Catherine Wessinger

Purpose of this Book

Early Life in Boston

Becoming a Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventist

Increasing Independence: Moving to New York City

Meeting Wayne Martin

Marriage and Living in Cambridge, Massachusetts

A Growing Family and Relocating to New York City

Moving to North Carolina

Jamie Becomes Ill: Wayne Becomes a Branch Davidian

Joining the Branch Davidian Community: Life at the Palestine Camp

Life at Mount Carmel

The ATF Raid on Mount Carmel, February 28, 1993

The Siege

Experiences after Coming Out of Mount Carmel

The Fire, April 19, 1993

After the Fire


Remembering the Loved Ones Who Died in 1993

Reflections on the Loss of Loved Ones

Keeping the Faith

Appendix: Sheila Martin’s Drawings

This is a story, told with both simplicity and dignity, of an incredible tragedy and an amazing faith.

Eileen Barker, Professor Emeritus of Sociology with special reference to the Study of Religion, London School of Economics

This book is a tale well-told that helps readers understand the force of religious commitment.

Rebecca Moore, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, San Diego State University

Sheila Martin is a surviving Branch Davidian. She lost her husband and four oldest children in the fire on April 19, 1993 that ended the standoff between the Branch Davidians and federal agents. She continues to live and work in Waco, Texas.

Catherine Wessinger (Ph.D. University of Iowa) is the Rev. H. James Yamauchi, S.J. Professor of the History of Religions, Loyola University, New Orleans.  She is the author/editor of six books, including most recently Memoirs of the Branch Davidians: The Autobiography of David Koresh’s Mother (2007), Millennialism, Persecution, and Violence: Historical Cases, Editor (2000), and Religious Institutions and Women’s Leadership: New Roles Inside the Mainstream (1996).

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 235 pages
 8in x 5in

  BIO026000, HIS036060, REL020000
 Baylor University Press

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