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Baylor at Independence

By Lois Smith Murray

Baylor at Independence
Paperback, 421 pages $39.95
Published: 1st January 1972
ISBN: 9781932792454
Format: 9in x 6in


The first volume of Baylor's official in-depth history, covering the crucial and turbulent 1845-1886 era of the university's career at its birthplace.


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1. Pioneer Texas: School and Church

2. The Founding of Baylor University

3. The Locale of Baylor University

4. The Administration of Henry Lee Graves, 1847-1851

5. Young Burleson Comes to Baylor in 1851

6. Baylor Attains Stature

7. Growing Pains and Quarrels

8. The Disruptive Feud

9. The Administration of President George Washington Baines, July 1861-Summer 1862

10. President William Carey Crane's First Five Years

11. Land Grant Proposal and Two Baylors

12. Visionary Plans and Baylor Fortitude

13. President Crane's Last Years

14. Baylor's Denouement




Lois Murray's life and career have been inseparably linked with Baylor University since her days as a student. She earned a BA in 1927 and an MA in 1931, and the next year began a teaching career in English which speedily made her one of the all-time favorites of Baylor students and associates. She did additional study at the Universities of chicago, Texas, Wisconsin, Maine, and Delaware, and received the LittD from Howard Payne. Teaching as always been her first but not sole love - she has authored a text book on human relations, a biography of Baylor's famous Robert Browning scholar-collector, Dr. A. J. Armstrong; served as a Baylor Historian; organized a club for oustanding senior women, and sponsored other university activities. She has done invaluable work for the Baylor Department of Development; and stayed busy in church, socail, educational and other professional organizations, and is a world traveler.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 421 pages
 9in x 6in

 Big Bear Books

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