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Randall Balmer

Randall Balmer is John Phillips Professor in Religion and Chair of the Department of Religion at Dartmouth College. He is the author or editor of fourteen books, including, most recently, God in the White House: How Faith Shaped the Presidency from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush (2008), Thy Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts the Faith and Threatens America (2006), and Protestantism in America (with Lauren F. Winner, 2005).

Evangelicalism in America

Hardback    $24.95
9781481305976 | Published: October 2016

Faith of the Founders

Paperback    $29.95
9781932792096 | Published: September 2011

The Making of Evangelicalism

Paperback    $19.95
9781481304887 | Published: June 2017