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Michael J. Hyde

Michael J. Hyde is University Distinguished Professor of Communication Ethics in the Department of Communication and is on the faculty of the Program for Bioethics, Health and Society in the School of Medicine, Wake Forest University. He is the author of The Life-Giving Gift of Acknowledgment, The Ethos of Rhetoric, and award-winning The Call of Conscience. He and his wife live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

After the Genome

Science, rhetoric, and speaking about the post-human future

Hardback    $29.95
9781602586857 | Published: April 2013


A compassionate plea for a deliberately lived life

Hardback    $39.95
9781602585836 | Published: September 2012


An eloquent intellectual history of the human idea of perfection

Paperback    $29.95
9781481309769 | Published: May 2018