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Ben Witherington III reviews God of the Living in multi-part Patheos blog

January 5th, 2012 by admin

Feldmeier_3d_email.jpgAs another way to begin 2012 for all the Biblical theology scholars out there, Ben Witherington III has embarked on a multi-part blog review of God of the Living: A Biblical Theology by Reinhard Feldmeier and Hermann Spieckermann, which was released in November and received a stellar panel review during the 2011 Society of Biblical Literature meeting in San Francisco.

The first two reviews are now available on Witherington's blog, The Bible and Culture, on Patheos.

Here is a short excerpt from the first blog, posted January 2:

Let's start the New Year off with a bang -- an extended review and critique of one of the most important books written on Biblical Theology in many years. Reinhard Feldmeier and Hermann Spieckerman have produced a $60, 620 pages salvo of monumental proportions which has already been favorably reviewed at the SBL by several major scholars. At the end of this series of posts, I will post several of their briefer reviews, so you can hear other voices chiming in other than mine. Needless to say, they think this is a major work. I do too. What makes it a almost unique work is that it is done by one OT and one NT scholar who are more than competent in the field of Biblical Studies, and indeed who are Christian believers trying to make sense of the Biblical text when it comes to theology. Hooray! I applaud their efforts.

Click here to read Part 1.

Click here to read Part 2.

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