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Book Review: M. G. Piety's Ways of Knowing: Kierkegaard's Pluralist Epistemology

October 19th, 2011 by admin

In the most current issue of The Review of Metaphysics (2011, 65:1) is a stellar review of M. G. Piety's Ways of Knowing which explores Kierkegaard's epistemology. The reviewer begins, 

Piety's book is a tightly reasoned and sharply focused study. Her task is to explicate Kierkegaard's epistemological thought, which she admits is not systematically developed nor even a central focus of his writings, but it is, in her judgment, of critical importance to "his views on religious faith and its role in human experience." Piety claims that Kierkegaard is an epistemological pluralist, although she admits that many of the epistemological "views attributed to him here were held more intuitively than as the result of conscious analysis." Nevertheless, she claims that the epistemological views she presents "may be inferred and extracted from various parts of Kierkegaard's corpus and that if the views are sometimes confusing in their complexity, they nevertheless form a largely coherent whole."

Read the entire review here

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