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Incoming Reviews: December 5, 2011

December 5th, 2011 by admin

The first day of the month usually marks our reception of many online reviews of our titles. This weekend, we received five such reviews. Though some reviews are not entirely timely, they speak volumes of the books and their respective authors.

The Sacred Body: Asceticism in Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture by David Jasper, reviewed in Christian Scholar's Review (2010, 39:3).

As an author, Jasper is not ashamed to bare his own life before the reader's eyes. His method is refreshingly frank in its idiosyncrasy: personal anecdotes are common, the personal pronoun is abundant, and the book as a whole has an artful, syncopated quality.

The Hope of Liberation in World Religion by Miguel A. De La Torre, reviewed in Journal of Eccumenical Studies (2011, 46:1).

[This volume] clearly demonstrates the necessity of moving interreligious dialogue into a liberationist context, where the experiences of the oppressed constitute the starting point for the dialogue.

Kierkegaard on the Faith and the Self: Collected Essays by C. Stephen Evans, reviewed in Perspectives in Religious Studies (2011, 38:1).

[E]xcellent and well-written.... It is clear that Evans' love for Kierkegaard is driven by his conviction that Kierkegaard will help one become both a better philosopher and a better Christian. With this in mind, Evans exhorts his reader to pick up Kierkegaard for herself, to be troubled by Kierkegaard in a good way.

American Women and Classical Myths by Gregory A. Staley, reviewed in International Journal of Classical Tradition (2010, 17:1).

This volume is distinguished by a specific focus on the United States, and in particular on women's interaction with classical mythology.... American Women and Classical Myths is recommended for information on women's contribution to the history of Classics in the United States, as well as for a study of the reception of female figures from Classical mythology.

Also reviewed is Wilhelm Pratscher's The Apostolic Fathers: An Introduction in Sewanee Theological Review.

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