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Bauckham's Living with Other Creatures reviewed in Christianity Today

December 2nd, 2011 by admin

In a time when global warming and ecological ethics are the topics of intense, often heated debate, there exists precious little informaiton on what the Bible has to say about creation care. Bauckham's Living with Other Creatures remedies this by exploring what the full text has to say about humans and their relationship with the whole of creation.

In the most recent five-star review of Living with Other Creatures, Bill Walker writes, "Bauckham reminds the reader that, as Creator, God delights in and cares for all creation. ... He wishes to recover the biblical view of human solidarity with the rest of creation by establishing creation's own inherent value."

Read the full review online through the Christianity Today website by clicking here.

Richard Bauckham is also the author of The Bible and Ecology: Rediscovering the Community of Creation, which was recently chosen for review in Themelios. The review, which is located on the Gospel Coalition website, states,

The Bible and Ecology should prove to be of tremendous value for evangelical Christians interested in creation care from a biblical perspective, as Bauckham brings thoughtful exegesis of the Bible as an authoritative text to a field often riddled with shallow exegesis and low regard for biblical authority.

For more Baylor University Press titles on ecological ethics, click here.

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