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Messianic Exegesis
Christological Interpretation of the Old Testament in Early Christianity

By Donald H. Juel

Messianic Exegesis
Paperback, 205 pages $29.95
Published: 15th July 2017
ISBN: 9781481307956
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Theology, Church History, New Testament

While the relationship between Second Temple Jewish exegesis and early Christian exegesis as demonstrated in the New Testament is universally recognized, the reasons for their similarities and differences are often elusive. Donald H. Juel in Messianic Exegesis seeks to unknot this tangled web of interpretation.  

Juel’s thesis is simple: Christianity’s origins are rooted in the earliest Christian interpretations of Israel’s Scriptures. The difficulty resides in showing how these distinctive interpretations arose. Juel argues that the events of Jesus’ life form the fulcrum for the Christian re-reading of Jewish Scripture. In particular, Juel shows how Christian belief in a crucified and risen Messiah guided both the selection and appropriation of Old Testament texts—texts like 2 Samuel 7, Daniel 7, and Psalms 2 and 110. With the confession “Jesus is the Messiah” as the central claim of Christianity, Juel is able to show the fluidity of contemporary Jewish exegesis while also making the anomalous uses of Scripture within the early Christian community understandable. Christians proclaimed Jesus as Messiah throughout their exegesis and thereby defined their emerging community through the way they read Scripture.

"An accessible presentation not only of an important, indeed essential, way of understanding early Christian theological use of the Bible but of much formative and recent scholarship."

—Mary Rose D’Angelo, Horizons in Biblical Theology, reviewing a previous edition or volume

"A brilliant work of disciplined imagination."

—Rowan A. Greer, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, reviewing a previous edition or volume

"A major contribution…[and] a considerable achievement."

—David M. Hay, Journal of Biblical Literature, reviewing a previous edition or volume

"One seldom gets the chance to see a scholar pursuing a simple but consequential thesis through a book-length monograph with such tenacity, clarity, and deftness. A major contribution..."

—Joel Marcus, Catholic Bible Quarterly, reviewing a previous edition or volume

Donald H. Juel was Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary (1978-1995) and Princeton Theological Seminary (1995-2003). Renowned among his students and colleagues as a captivating teacher, Juel dedicated himself to helping people discover God and God's mysteries through their attentive, honest engagement with Scripture.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 205 pages
 9in x 6in

  REL006220, REL015000, REL067040
 Baylor University Press

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