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Interested in publishing with Baylor University Press?


At Baylor University Press, the bar for acquisitions is set high. The process is rigorous. Because of this, it is almost always best to contact us first, before preparing and submitting a full manuscript proposal. An early email to the acquisitions team will yield a timely response indicating the Press’ interest. After this initial exchange, we will ask for more materials and pursue a more formal process.

The acquisitions process is different at every press. At Baylor University Press, we hope to make this as clear as possible so that scholars can determine as easily as possible whether or not we are the best fit for your work.

For information on how that process works at Baylor University Press, see our Guidelines and Process information HERE.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration, our proposal guidelines can be found HERE. However, we strongly urge you to contact us directly before submitting a formal proposal to begin a conversation that may determine whether a full proposal should follow.


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