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I, II, III John
A Handbook on the Greek Text

By Martin M. Culy

I, II, III John
Paperback, 199 pages $29.95
Published: 1st November 2004
ISBN: 9781932792089
Format: 7.25in x 5.5in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Greek Language Studies, New Testament

In this volume Culy provides a basic lexical, analytical and syntactical analysis of the Greek text of 1, 2, and 3 John-information often presumed by technical commentaries and omitted by popular ones. But more than just an analytic key, I, II, III John reflects the latest advances in scholarship on Greek grammar and linguistics. The volume also contains recommendations for further reading and an up-to-date bibliography. A perfect supplement to any commentary, I, II, and III John is as equally helpful to language students, of any level, as it is to busy clergy who use the Greek text in preparation for proclamation.

"This handbook is an excellent study tool, providing depth in analysis of the Greek text not often provided even in technical commentaries. In it, Culy shows his familiarity with the current state of linguistic analysis of New Testament Greek, and where appropriate, points readers to relevant secondary literature. All in all, this book is highly recommended."

—Kenneth Litwak, The Covenant Quarterly

Martin Culy is Director of Cypress Hills Ministries and former Professor of New Testament and Greek at Briercrest Seminary.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 199 pages
 7.25in x 5.5in

  REL006000, REL006220, REL006680
 Baylor University Press

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