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The Rhetoric of Sir Garfield Todd
Christian Imagination and the Dream of an African Democracy

By Michael W. Casey

The Rhetoric of Sir Garfield Todd
Hardback, 436 pages $54.95
Published: 28th February 2008
ISBN: 9781932792867
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Religious Studies, All Rhetoric Studies, Rhetoric & Religion

This work assembles the best of Todd's (available) speeches and provides an analysis of their rhetorical and political significance. Sir Garfield Todd's (1908-2002) lifelong support of African rights earned him initial political success, subsequent imprisonment, and, finally, rightful recognition. Often labeled a liberal in the British political tradition, a closer study of Todd's rhetoric demonstrates that his politics flow directly from his religious heritage—and not from political liberalism.

Introduction: Sir Garfield Todd, Rhetoric, and Zimbabwe's Struggle for Democracy

1 Democratic Disciples
2 The Democratic Missionary
3 Moving toward Democracy: Todd as the Limited Democratic Politician
4 Todd the Prophetic: The Radical Democrat
5 The "Horrible Speech": Todd's Effort to End White Supremacy
6 Todd's Narrative Rhetoric: The Preacher of Democratic Virtues

Conclusion: Fighting the Good Fight

Sermon Texts

Conference Sermon

The Unfinished Task of Christian Missions in Southern Africa
Christian Unity, Christ's Prayer
Our Timeless Missionary Mandate
The Church Knows No Boundaries
My World and Its Need

Political Speeches

"... a fascinating journey into the life and times of Garfield Todd."

—Michael O. West, Binghampton University, Social Sciences and Missions (2012, 25)

"Casey places in historical, political, and rhetorical context the high eloquence of this admirable man. He helps us see that Todd was an exemplary democrat, a true Christian who, in our own political climate of division and secrecy, can serve as a model of justice and dialogue for us all. Casey is to be commended for his careful research and scholarship and for his lucid and well-written interpretation of this important figure in the modern political history of Africa."

--Walter Jost, Associate Professor of English, University of Virginia 

"This volume is luminously imaginative with the natural depth that the life of Garfield Todd deserves. The Rhetoric of Garfield Todd is a must for the peoples of Africa and those who are privileged to be their distant neighbors in the Diaspora. Informed and informing, the book revives the controversial subject of the balance between Church and State and challenges contemporary leaders to embrace public service as an opportunity to exercise Christian convictions with courage and confidence."

--Caleb Oladipo, Duke K. McCall Professor of Mission and World Christianity, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond



Michael Casey (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh) is Professor of Communication and Carl P. Miller Endowed Chair of Communication at Pepperdine University.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 436 pages
 9in x 6in

  HIS001000, LAN015000, REL015000
 Baylor University Press

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