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Southern Missions
The Religion of the American South in Global Perspective

By Charles Reagan Wilson

Southern Missions
Paperback, 60 pages $19.95
Published: 1st March 2007
ISBN: 9781932792676

Subjects: All History, All Religious Studies, American History

Southern Missions places the religious history of the American South in a global context. The global connections of southern religion reflect a tradition within the American South that historians have failed to examine. This study sweeps from the diversity of Christian and Jewish groups in the colonial South to the contemporary migration of ethnic groups and their religious traditions previously little known in the South. Perhaps most notably, gender emerges as a key analytical category for understanding the global reach of religion in the American South.


Lecture 1: Southern Religion, the Atlantic World, and Beyond
Lecture 2: The World Comes South: The Changing Context of Southern Religion

"In this lively and insightful study, Charles Reagan Wilson places the history and culture of Southern religion in a global dimension. He ranges widely from early settlement, evangelical movements and missions, through the modern influx of people and movements from Africa, Asia and Latin America. He shows convincingly that patterns of globalization are anything but new to American religion, and especially to the American South."

--Philip Jenkins, Professor of History and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania State University


"Charles Reagan Wilson offers a timely and fascinating survey of how the particular identity of Southern Protestants has fared in a global context. Ranging from Britain to Africa to China, and including groups as diverse as Latino Pentecostals, Thai Buddhists, and Korean Baptists, Wilson describes how this historically evangelical region has been transformed by the more than one-fifth of its residents who are non-Protestants."

--Beth Barton Schweiger, University of Arkansas



Charles R. Wilson (Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of History and Southern Studies and Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

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 Paperback , 60 pages

 Baylor University Press

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