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Religion in Early Stuart England, 1603-1638
An Anthology of Primary Sources

Edited by Debora Shuger

Religion in Early Stuart England, 1603-1638
Hardback, 1020 pages $99.95
Published: 1st December 2012
ISBN: 9781602582989
Format: 10in x 7in

Subjects: All History, All Literature, Church History

This collection of primary sources from Early Stuart England, compiled by the acclaimed Debora Shuger, reflects the varieties of religious expression, theological conviction, and spiritual experience of the fascinating and turbulent period in English religious history from 1603 to 1638. With selections ranging from sermons, devotional bestsellers, and sacred lyrics to ecclesio-political satires and doctrinal controversies, Religion in Early Stuart England, 1603-1638 offers scholars and students key primary sources that will stimulate research and discussion.

Abbreviations for Works Commonly Cited
Note on Nomenclature


John Dod and Robert Cleaver
Lancelot Andrewes
William Bradshaw
John Buckeridge
Richard Field
Richard Corbett
Lewis Bayly
Thomas Adams
Benjamin Carier
John Howson
Robert Sanderson
Richard Corbett
John Cosin
Appendix: Calvin’s commentary on Isaiah 60:2-3
John Preston
Humphrey Sydenham
Michael Sparke
John Donne
Lancelot Andrewes
William Drummond of Hawthornden
George Wither
William Laud
Richard Montagu
Appendix: William Barlow on falling from grace at the Hampton Court Conference
John Preston
Phineas Fletcher
John Earle
William Prynne
Joseph Hall
John Everard
Richard Sibbes
Francis Quarles
John Cosin
Richard Corbett
William Strode
Humprey Sydenham
Anthony Munday
Samuel Hoard
Thomas Laurence
Francis Quarles
Robert Shelford
Robert Sanderson
Sidney Godolphin
William Prynne
John Hales
Christopher Dow
William Chillingworth
Sir Kenelm Digby
William Habington
George Wither

Appendix I: List of Authors According to Birth Year
Appendix II: Topical Index


"A significant and representative series of selections surveying the religious landscape of a spiritually tumultuous era of English history. This fine volume is a highly useful introduction to religion and theology in early seventeenth-century England."

—Richard A. Muller, P. J. Zondervan Professor of Historical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary

"This book covers the whole spectrum of Protestant belief and experience in Early Stuart times. Scholars and students will be deeply grateful for this book as Shuger brings clarity and order to a highly confusing scene."

—Graham Parry, Emeritus Professor of Renaissance Studies, University of York, U.K.

“There is something here for everyone, from the overwrought invective of the likes of Montagu and Prynne to the evocative, almost lyrical language of John Donne. Her introductions to each selection clearly situates them in their contexts, making them fit together as an organic whole. Any reader seeking to understand the church during this most important phase of its history should begin with this volume."

—Victor Stater, Anglican and Episcopal History (83:2), Louisiana State University

Debora Shuger is Distinguished Professor of English at UCLA, where she specializes in Tudor-Stuart literature, and the author of The Renaissance Bible: Scholarship, Sacrifice, and Subjectivity. She lives in Culver City, California.

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 Hardback , 1020 pages
 10in x 7in
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