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A Handbook on the Hebrew Text

By John Screnock and Robert D. Holmstedt

Paperback, 299 pages $39.95
Published: 1st October 2015
ISBN: 9781602586789
Format: 8in x 5.25in

Subjects: All Biblical Studies, Hebrew Bible, Hebrew Language Studies

This handbook in the Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series provides students of Hebrew with the translation of Esther paired with an exhaustive word by word morphological analysis of the text. Through careful syntactic and textual investigation, Holmstedt and Screnock bring to life one of the most loved biblical books. Esther enables a linguistic understanding of the Old Testament Hebrew text through solid contextual interpretation.   

"Screnock and Holmstedt’s thorough analysis of the Hebrew text offers readers an astute study of the linguistic trees that does not lose sight of the textual forest. Students and scholars alike will benefit from their informed comments on the forms and use of the language, and from the connections they make to Esther’s context, composition, and stylistic features."

—L. Daniel Hawk, Professor of Old Testament, Ashland Theological Seminary

"As an aid to understanding how the Hebrew in the book of Esther functions, and how the linguistic structures contribute to the book’s meaning, this compact volume is worth its weight in gold."

—D.W. Rooke, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

“This handy volume, part of the Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series, offers students of Biblical Hebrew a translation and exhaustive word-by-word morphological analysis of the MT of Esther.”

—Gerald A. Klingbeil, Bulletin for Biblical Research

"The authors bring the latest linguistic research on diachronic study of the Hebrew Bible, valency, and the relative clause, to name just a few, to an accessible format that serves the novice as well as the expert.”

—Ethan C. Jones, Review of Biblical Literature

"[Esther] is a helpful guide through the Hebrew text of the book of Esther. Dividing the narrative into four parts, each with its own set of episodes, Screnock and Holmstedt carefully pick their way through the grammar, morphology, and syntax of nearly every clause and phrase of the book."

—Kurtis Peters, The Expository Times

John Screnock is the Kennicott Fellow in Hebrew at the University of Oxford.

Robert D. Holmstedt is Professor of Biblical Hebrew and West Semitic Languages at the University of Toronto.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 299 pages
 8in x 5.25in

  LAN023000, REL006210, REL006410, REL006680
 Baylor University Press

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