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Just Debt
Theology, Ethics, and Neoliberalism

By Ilsup Ahn

Just Debt
Hardback, 216 pages $39.95
Published: 15th October 2017
ISBN: 9781481306911
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Sociology, All Theology

Debt—personal, corporate, governmental—is so pervasive in contemporary economies, with its moralistic logic nearly unquestioned. Debt’s necessity renders it morally neutral, absolving it of the dehumanizing effect it brings in unbridled financialization.  

In Just Debt Ilsup Ahn explores ethical implications of the practice of debt. By placing debt in the context of anthropology, philosophy, economics, and the ethical traditions provided by the Abrahamic religions, Ahn holds that debt was originally a form of gift, a gift that was intended as a means to serve humanity. Debt, as gift, had moral ends. Since the late eighteenth century, however, debt has been reduced to an amoral economic tool, one separated from its social and political context. Ahn recovers an ethics of debt and its moral economy by rediscovering debt’s forgotten aspect—that all debts entail unique human stories. Ahn argues that it is only in and by these stories that the justice of debt can be determined. In order for debt to be justly established, its story should be free from elements of exploitation, abuse, and manipulation and should conform to the principles of serviceability, payability, and shareability.  

Although the contemporary global economy disconnects debt from its context, Ahn argues that debt must be firmly grounded in the world of moral values, social solidarity, and political resolution. By re-embedding debt within its moral world, Just Debt offers a holistic ethics of debt for a neoliberal age.

1. The History and Taxonomy of Amoral Debt
2. Neoliberal Financialization and the Idea of Just Debt
3. Unpayable Debt and the Ethics of Default and Bankruptcy
4. Islamic Financial Ethics and the Case against Rentier Economy of Debt
5. Jewish Ethics of Jubilee and the Question of Debt Forgiveness
6. Christianity and a Virtue Ethics of Debt

"Ilsup Ahn adeptly shows how fantastic capitalist productivity combined with fantastic disparities has created a colossal, many-layered debt burden that crushes the poor of the world and inflicts immense harm on many others. His holistic approach to the problem creates an interdisciplinary conversation, emphasizes the ethical crisis, and sustains a hopeful spirit, all in perceptive and compelling fashion."

—Gary Dorrien, author of Kantian Reason and Hegelian Spirit: The Idealistic Logic of Modern Theology

“Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, the issue of increasing private and public debts has become topical in the field of the humanities and social sciences. Ilsup Ahn’s Just Debt: Theology, Ethics, and Neoliberalism contributes to an already lively debate by situating the discussion on the terrain of religious morality.”

—Jean François Bissonnette, Reading Religion

"Debt is at the core of the encompassing neoliberal economy and its logic. Ilsup Ahn, with compelling and highly readable analyses, explains why it must also be at the core of social ethics in the twenty-first century. This book is a deeply interrogative wakeup call to social ethicists and theologians—the era of ignoring economic ethics is over. Those of them who want to remain relevant must pay attention to the lessons of this book, broaden its insights, and savor its alternative logic."

—Nimi Wariboko, Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics, Boston University, and author of Economics in Spirit and Truth: A Moral Philosophy of Finance

Ilsup Ahn is Carl I. Lindberg Professor of Philosophy at North Park University. He is the author of Position and Responsibility (2009) and Religious Ethics and Migration: Doing Justice to Undocumented Workers (2013). He is also a coeditor of Asian American Christian Ethics: Voices, Methods, Issues (2015). He received his PhD in Social and Religious Ethics from the University of Chicago.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 216 pages
 9in x 6in

  BUS050000, REL067070
 Baylor University Press

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