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Gerald O'Collins, SJ

Gerald O’Collins, SJ, AC, taught Fundamental and Systematic Theology at the Gregorian University, Rome, for 33 years. He is now an adjunct professor at the Australian Catholic University, a fellow of the University of Divinity, and writer-in-residence at Jesuit Theological College, Parkville (Australia). He has authored or co-authored 62 published books, the latest including The Second Vatican Council on Other Religions (Oxford, 2013), On the Left Bank of the Tiber (Gracewing, 2013), Believing in the Resurrection (Paulist, 2012), A Midlife Journey (Gracewing, 2012), and Rethinking Fundamental Theology (Oxford, 2011).


Christology of the Bible, Christology of the World’s Religions

Hardback    $39.95
9781481302562 | Published: July 2015