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Proposal Guidelines

To submit your manuscript or book proposal to Baylor University Press for consideration, please email the following materials to press director Carey Newman at Carey_Newman@baylor.edu.

  1. The title of the proposed volume.
  2. The Table of Contents (including estimates of chapter size in either manuscript or printed pages) for the proposed volume.
  3. A list of and full publication information for already published material that is to be included in the proposed volume, identifying how this material fits into the book.
  4. An estimate of the work already completed and a proposed submission date.  Please also include a statement of other academic work already under contract.
  5. A 25word book description.
  6. A 250 word book summary.  The summary should identify the project’s subject, thesis, method, scope, limitations, intended audience, and potential significance.
  7. A “road map” to the proposed book which summarizes the contents and accomplishments of each chapter in two to three sentences.
  8. The book’s introduction and two-three sample chapters or full ms.
  9. A review of research into the subject.
  10. A list of 3-5 scholars which should provide a back ad endorsement for the book (the scholars whose judgments matter most in the field).
  11. A list of 5 academic journals that MUST review the book.
  12. A current CV, listing education, all academic and professional positions, and major academic publications (i.e. peer-reviewed books and articles).
  13. A list of electronic releases of any portion of your proposed manuscript (include citation). The list should explain the purpose for release of manuscript (i.e. dissertation, journal article, etc.).
  14. A list of any previously published portions of your proposed manuscript (include citation). The list should explain the purpose for publication of manuscript (i.e. dissertation, journal article, etc.).
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