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Publishing academic work since 1897, Baylor University Press features books with a moral arc, books possessed by a decisive public vocation. Baylor University Press seeks and celebrates scholarship across the disciplines of religious and cultural studies, in particular, and across the humanities at large. In an age burdened by a deluge of information, we partner with researchers, teachers, and students to cultivate and curate wisdom.

Ancient Rhetoric and the New Testament The Art of Divination in the Ancient Near East The Five Quintets The Elder Testament The End of the Psalter
Introduction to Philosophy Hosea Justification in the Second Century A New Testament Theology The Resilience of Religion in American Higher Education

Baylor University Press titles are available at fine booksellers nationwide or may be purchased online from this site. If you experience any difficulty ordering, please email us at BUP_Marketing@baylor.edu

2018-19 Catalog

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