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Toying with God
The World of Religious Games and Dolls

By (author) Nikki Bado-FralickBy (author) Rebecca Sachs Norris

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Did you know--

the popular game of Chutes & Ladders is derived from a 13th century game designed by a Tibetan lama?

even though the Muslim doll “Fulla” was designed as an “anti-Barbie” they look almost the same and are manufactured in the same factory in China?

games have been found dating as far back as the 6th millennium BCE? And that the fairies of Irish legend are believed to have played board games?

dolls were entombed in ancient crypts in Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and served as companions in the journey to the afterlife?

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Nikki Bado-Fralick (1954-2016) was Associate Professor and Director of the Religious Studies Program at Iowa State University. She was the author of Coming to the Edge of the Circle: A Wiccan Initiation Ritual (2005).

Rebecca Sachs Norris (Ph.D. Boston University) is Associate Professor and Chair of Religious and Theological Studies, Merrimack College, and Regionally Elected Director of the New England-Maritimes region of the American Academy of Religion. She lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

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