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A Handbook on the Greek Text

By (author) Martin M. CulyBy (author) Mikeal C. Parsons

Excerpt from book

Anyone seeking to master the intricacies of Koine Greek in order to better understand the New Testament writings will find the Acts of the Apostles an appropriate point of departure. With 18,382 words, Acts is the second longest book in the New Testament. Only its companion piece, the Gospel of Luke, is longer (with 19,428 words; Morganthaler, 164). Of the 5,436 unique vocabulary words in the New Testament, 2038 are found in Acts (second again only to Luke with 2055). A systematic study of this important New Testament book will thus pay rich dividends for subsequent study of the other New Testament writings. This volume attempts to guide students through the intricacies of the Greek text of Acts. By working through the text systematically, readers will not only gain a firmer grasp of the peculiar shape of Acts’ grammar, but given Acts’ length and complexity, the student will also become better equipped to approach the other New Testament documents with increased confidence, particularly the other narrative literature (which together with Acts contain 82,773 of the 137,490 words of the NT; see Morganthaler, 164).

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Martin Culy is Director of Cypress Hills Ministries and former Professor of New Testament and Greek at Briercrest Seminary.

Mikeal C. Parsons is Professor and Macon Chair in Religion at Baylor University.

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