A New Testament Theology

“Unlike many scholars, Blomberg fully engages the abundant evangelical scholarship that has emerged over the past generation, alongside other scholarship, in remarkably readable language. Nonevangelical and less conservative scholars who want to broaden their familiarity with a greater range of scholarly views and arguments today will find a friendly introduction here.”

—Craig S. Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary

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The Five Quintets

“…Micheal O’Siadhail’s three-hundred-and-fifty-page poem, The Five Quintets, is the most important work of English-language literature to be published so far this century.”

—Frank Armstrong, Cassandra Voices


Confronting Religious Violence

“If the news around you is getting you down, picking up this book will inspire and re-energize you. May the voices of wisdom in this volume be heeded by all in this fraught time.”

—Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, American University, Washington, DC


The Letter of Jude and the Second Letter of Peter

“A timely, powerful new reading of 2 Peter and Jude. It cannot be emphasized enough how important Frey’s commentary is for rehabilitating the study and preaching of the Catholic Epistles.”

—Rob Wall, Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies, Seattle Pacific University and Seminary

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The Elder Testament

by Christopher R. Seitz

“The book is a kind of window onto the theological distillation of an especially gifted critical reader of the Bible, deeply immersed in the church’s lived experiences and challenges—a kind of intellectual ‘testament,’ that carries the charge of a special witness.”

—Ephraim Radner, Wycliffe College

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