Religion in Tudor England

Religion in Tudor England

An Anthology of Primary Sources

Documents of Anglophone Christianity

Edited by Ethan H. Shagan and Debora Shuger

675 pages, 7.00 x 10.00 in, 4 plates, hardcover does not include jacket

  • Hardcover
  • 9781602582972
  • Published: June 2016



Religion in Tudor England offers readers the prose and the poetry, the theology and the spirituality, the prayers and the polemics, of one of the most important epochs in the making of modern Christianity. Beginning with King Henry VII, the Tudors’ reign included the break with Rome and the rise of English Protestantism, a series of religiously inspired revolts, the burnings of nearly three hundred Protestants for heresy under Queen Mary, the executions of scores of Catholics for treason under Queen Elizabeth, and the emergence of the Puritan challenge to the Church of England. Moreover, the English Reformation coincided with the English Renaissance, and the foremost religious thinkers of the age, Catholic as well as Protestant, are also among the greatest of English prose stylists.

The sources in this unique anthology, accidentals modernized and accompanied by careful notes and detailed historical, literary, and theological introductions, immerse readers in this world and allow them to explore comprehensively—for the first time—what was lost, what was transformed, and what was preserved in the English Reformation.