Standing Order Plans

Libraries are Invited to Join BUP’s Standing Order Plans

The Full Library Standing Order Plan

The Theological Library Standing Order Plan allows your library to receive a copy of each new publication as soon as it is published. Titles are hand-picked by our staff to ensure you receive only those books we believe will best suit you and your patrons, and advance notice is given. You may review each title for 30 days, and if you decide the book is not quite right for your collection, feel free to return it at our expense.

The Standing Order Plan also gives your library the one-time opportunity to order any of our backlist titles at a 70% discount.

As a member, your library will be able to:

  • Place a one-time order of our backlist titles at 70% off
  • Receive all forthcoming academic books for 40% off
  • Place unlimited future orders for any of our books at 40% off
  • Return unwanted books for FREE

Greek and Hebrew Handbook Standing Order Plans

Baylor University Press also offers standing order plans for its Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament and Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series. Both of these plans will allow your library to automatically receive ALL handbook titles at a 40% discount.

Sign up, learn more about standing order programs, or ask questions by contacting David Aycock at [email protected].