Helpful Information

Production Schedule

As your book goes into production, you will be contacted with a schedule by our production team. If you have questions about the schedule in the interim, contact either your editor or Jenny Hunt at [email protected].

Access & Distribution

It is the role of the Press to pursue every opportunity for its books to be accessed as widely as possible. To this end, the Press gladly shoulders the burden of disseminating and creating access to its books across every possible platform and format, including electronic media, global markets, distributors, retailers, and libraries. While the Press champions maximal dissemination, authors must contact the Press in advance regarding any effort on the part of the author to disseminate their work—including via institutional repositories, self-archiving, and any third-party sites. Contributors to edited volumes must also contact the Press prior to any dissemination of their chapters.

For more information about the Press and its institutional repository and self-archiving policies see HERE.

Sales & Marketing

As the time draws close for your book’s publication, you will hear from several members of our staff.  However, if you have ideas for publicity or marketing that you would like us to consider, email David Aycock at [email protected]. We are always eager to hear of your connections that may help spread the word about your book.


Baylor University Press makes every effort to pay royalties once a year by the end of March. If you have questions about how much you have earned to date or need to provide us with a new address to send payment, contact Michelle McCaig at [email protected].

Complimentary VIP copies

For all our authors, Baylor University Press sends complimentary copies of your new book to the President, Provost, and Academic Dean of your institution, as well as to all of those who contributed to or provided an endorsement for the book.  To check on the status of those shipments, please contact Michelle McCaig at [email protected].

Ordering copies of your book

To order copies of your book at the 50% author discount, simply call Longleaf Services at 1 (800) 848-6224 and identify yourself as the author of the book.  If you for any reason have any problems, contact David Aycock at [email protected].