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Baylor Annotated Study Bible

The Baylor Annotated Study Bible represents a monumental collaborative effort, bringing together nearly seventy biblical scholars—Baylor faculty, graduates, affiliates, and friends—to refresh our view of the sacred texts. Each of the sixty-six canonical books of the Protestant Bible is given an introduction and commentary intended to immerse readers in the literary, sociohistorical, and theological depths of Scripture.

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Reading Romans Backwards

by Scot McKnight “When you are axle-deep in mud, backward is the only way forward. McKnight lifts, spins, and energetically pushes in a new direction. Hang on tight. The church and academy are careening down an adventurous new path.” —Matthew W. Bates, Quincy University


Analyzing Doctrine

by Oliver D. Crisp   “Eloquent, easy to read, and coherently organized.” —Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary

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To foster scriptural, historical, and theological scholarship on Christianity, Judaism, and Islam


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