Proposal Requirements

Each proposal we review at BUP is a unique document crafted by the author to abridge the background, contents, and readership of the project. While we do not expect authors to follow a particular template when preparing a proposal, we regard some items to be essential for our evaluation purposes. The checklist, below, summarizes what our acquisitions team looks for when assessing proposals for publication:

1. A working title for the proposed book.

2. A short abstract, précis, or “elevator speech”: In 250 words or less, summarize your project’s subject, thesis, method, scope, intended audience, and potential significance.

3. A longer rationale: In 1 or 2 pages (but not longer!), provide additional information on why you undertook the project and why you believe it deserves to be published.

4. A basic table of contents.

5. Basic book specs: The projected word count, an estimate of the percentage of the work already completed, and a proposed submission timeframe (allowing for several months for peer review and necessary revisions following). Please also include a statement of other academic work already under contract.

6. A “road map” to the proposed book which summarizes the contents and accomplishments of each chapter in 2 to 3 sentences.

7. A list of and full publication information for already published material that is to be included in the proposed book, identifying how this material fits into your argument.

8. A list of electronic releases of any portion of your manuscript (include citation). The list should explain the purpose for release of manuscript (i.e., dissertation, journal article, etc.).

9. A brief review of research into the subject, identifying major representative works and explaining how your project overlaps with and departs from them.

10. Prospective endorsers: A list of 5 to 8 scholars who might be willing to provide back ad endorsements for the book (the scholars whose judgments matter most in the field).

11. A list of 5 academic journals that MUST review the book.

In addition to the proposal, we require the following materials as we consider your project:

12. A current CV, listing education, all academic and professional positions, and major academic publications (i.e., peer-reviewed books and articles).

13. Sample manuscript materials: The book’s introduction and 2 to 3 chapters or full manuscript (if available).