2 Maccabees 1-7

2 Maccabees 1-7

A Handbook on the Greek Text

Baylor Handbook on the Septuagint

by Seth M. Ehorn

Imprint: Baylor University Press

357 Pages, 5.20 x 8.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781481313827
  • Published: November 2020



In  2 Maccabees 1–7, Seth Ehorn provides a foundational analysis of the Greek text of 2 Maccabees. The analysis is distinguished by the detailed yet comprehensive attention paid to the text. Ehorn’s analysis is a convenient pedagogical and reference tool that explains the form and syntax of the biblical text, offers guidance for deciding between competing semantic analyses, engages important text-critical debates, and addresses questions relating to the Greek text that are frequently overlooked by standard commentaries. Beyond serving as a succinct and accessible analytic key,  2 Maccabees 1–7 also reflects recent advances in scholarship on Greek grammar and linguistics and is informed by current discussions within Septuagint studies. These handbooks prove themselves indispensable tools for anyone committed to a deep reading of the Greek text of the Septuagint.