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BY MICHAEL P.V. BARRETT on November 12, 2018

In my book, Love Divine and Unfailing: The Gospel According to Hosea (P&R, 2008), I made the comment that I was concerned with the big picture of Hosea, not the minute details. My interest was in why and how the parts fit together to advance the revelation of Christ and the gospel, rather than offering a technical exegesis that interpreted all the specific parts. I said, “there are commentaries for that.” Such detailed commentaries are necessary and are valuable tools for thorough in-depth study. Eric Tully has provided such a work for Hosea. It is not for casual reading and requires a knowledge of Hebrew to benefit from his insight into the text. Hosea: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text is a technical analysis that in a succinct, yet thorough way, addresses the text-level issues that are the essential components that combine to provide the framework for the big picture.

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